When you run your finger along the edge of time, feel the sharp blade slowly cut into the fabric of your life.
At a point it starts to hurt, blood of hurt flows from the wounds within. The mind races to catch the emotions, not wanting to lose what we call ours.
Thoughts used like a band aid, shores up the flow and hurt. We apply pressure to the wound, and fight to stop the lost, in case we release our inner emotions and lose who we think we are.
I put my foot on the path, but where will it take me. I run the edge of time across my body and release all to the earth. Watch has a new person steps forth and walks the path.
There is no birth, no death. Just a cycle.
With a open heart and compassion there can be no harm to the inner me. So with the suitcase of the past left behind and no suitcase to carry into the future, I’ll walk without I.



My spirit has been taken, lost and robbed in the night.
It drifts far from my heart, a soul in the sea of dead
Life on the road is empty, with no spirit at my side..
Life passes in darkness, with a heavy heart

Has the sky cries, its tears flow,
Like the path way off the spirit

Wind steers the spirits on their way.
I pass through a barren land,
Where the air is still and dry.

Then I meet a spirit who took me by the hand
Put her arms around me and lead me from this land
To feel the tears upon my face, the path at my feet.
Sun to replace the darkness, radiate’s my heart

I know not when I’ll meet again
She who saved me then,
Sun and moon my hand caresses
Oh spirit of my dreams.

Eye of Seoirse


Two becomes one has our eyes lock
A knowing spark that things will change
A spirit growing , radiating from within.
A Friendship is born, a spiritual birth.

Now every breath we take in life, gives life to the other.
Every hurt we cause, the other bleeds.
And when far apart, keep each in mind.
Has we share the wind upon our face.

When you’re look at your friend.
Don’t look for perfection.
And if it hurts to look back or afraid to look forward,
Just look to your side, I’ll be there.

Eye of Seoirse




The years pass but your always in my heart,

never a day pass, you stand beside me.

Like it’s yesterday that fatal day

Where a drunk driver took your life away.


They left our world an empty place,

tears and sadness on a families face.

Siblings without a sister

A mother and father without a daughter.


I carried hate for that driver within my heart,

Your life I would have taken without thought.

Years pass and I sat down, forgave you,

You had to live with your deed.


To this day the spirit of the sister I knew,

lives every day I live.

But dies over again

Every day my mother lives.


For my sister.

Eye of Seoirse


A Night Dream

A Night Dream

Water passes by unseen, natures night music, plays just for us.
The moon peeps out for a look, at the two entwined in the dead of night.
The feel of your hair against my skin, the taste of your lips at each embrace
The heat of our bodies in the cool night air, has we hold each other tight.
Whispers echo in the silent night has strangers search the others mind.
We sat, kissed and cuddled all night long, Till the morning breaks with song.
The sun has come to steal our time, soon we part and must depart.
If I could pause the rising sun, this night would last forever.


What can you say.

What can you say.

Over the last year there have been a number of lay off’s in the company I work for. In fact around 600 people have gone this year with another 200 waiting to be told. A lot of people don’t know what they will do if it is them next on the list. I had to say goodbye to 4 work colleague’s this week some I have seen every day for a number of years. A couple here happy to be going with just over a year to their retirement, while two gents had mixed feelings. Lets call one Rex and the other Ron. Rex has 18 months to go till retirement, but earlier in the year he lost his wife after many years of illness. He admitted he won’t miss the job but has he put it he will miss“ the shit talk with the lads on the workshop floor” . Rex will be grand, he is a well travelled gent and with his severance package will soon seek the sun.

Ron on the other hand is a different man. People give him a wide berth. Where we talk to ourselves in our heads, Ron talks aloud. With head shaking and hands gesturing people look at him has if he’s not right. If they talked to him they would find a very intellectual and funny man. A man with great understanding but simple in his outlook. He lives with his brother and has never married, yes he has the look of a bachelor. A little unkept and rough looking. Like the rest he retires in a couple of years, unlike the others he will find it hard. While the rest said there goodbye’s half way through the day Ron was still there trying to find reasons to put leaving off. When he went from person to person shaking hands his eyes never looked at them, head bend forward and his usual shuffle he moved around them.

I returned from the canteen with a coffee and met my old friend Ron heading for the locker room for the last time. Stopping to say good bye, He gripped my hand and with his other placed on my shoulder. His eyes damp looked straight at me, ‘ I will miss you he says in a muted voice, miss our talks’.

I look at him and in this man’s face and eyes I could see the loneness ahead in his life. This place was his only outlet, his reason to get up in the morning. The only place he had company out side his brother. Still gripping my hand I tried to tell him has one door closes another new door opens. With a shake of his head and another shake of my hand I watch the empty shell of a man walk away.

I went and sat with my coffee and the look in Ron’s eyes were burnt in my mind. Emptiness hung on his body like an ill fitting suit and the sense I felt from him I have never experienced in my life.

I sit here writing this wondering how many men have given their life working, only to be discarded. To be cast into a life of loneliness or depression. In Ron’s case he is single but even men married feel the same when it comes time to retire from work. They have no male companionship outside the work place. I could be next to get that letter informing me my time in this company is over. Wonder how I will feel after 20+ years of giving them my life. I know the answer to that question.

In the next year(2017) this company is laying off another 7500 employees world wide, my love and compassion goes out to all of them. How many will be Ron’s?