Doodle Art

Doodle art, I never know where I’m going when I start these. This was done a couple of years back and ended up has a 60’s flower power theme.


good to see you man, you wanna smoke.

Eye of Seoirse.





The years pass but your always in my heart,

never a day pass, you stand beside me.

Like it’s yesterday that fatal day

Where a drunk driver took your life away.


They left our world an empty place,

tears and sadness on a families face.

Siblings without a sister

A mother and father without a daughter.


I carried hate for that driver within my heart,

Your life I would have taken without thought.

Years pass and I sat down, forgave you,

You had to live with your deed.


To this day the spirit of the sister I knew,

lives every day I live.

But dies over again

Every day my mother lives.


For my sister.

Eye of Seoirse


A Night Dream

A Night Dream

Water passes by unseen, natures night music, plays just for us.
The moon peeps out for a look, at the two entwined in the dead of night.
The feel of your hair against my skin, the taste of your lips at each embrace
The heat of our bodies in the cool night air, has we hold each other tight.
Whispers echo in the silent night has strangers search the others mind.
We sat, kissed and cuddled all night long, Till the morning breaks with song.
The sun has come to steal our time, soon we part and must depart.
If I could pause the rising sun, this night would last forever.