A thought

A thought.


Do we perceive beauty or do we feel it?

I never tire of looking at this view. It’s my back yard. I love to see the change on a daily bases that happens here in a year. Like this photo above, I awoke on a cool misty morning and looked out just has the rising sun started to burn off the mist.I stood on the decking in my boxers and took a few photos of this. With in five minutes this scene was gone. I have seen other misty mornings but never has good.

Do I come to  comprehend or become conscious of the beauty in the scene. I ask if I have become conscious of the beauty in the scene then what part is the beauty. Is it the light or the  mist, the sun playing through and around the mist. The mystery of what is hided in the mist. Yet at the same time I have photograph the same scene in a full on storm and still love the beauty of the scene. I know I sit and watch this view all the time , I never tire of it.

For me in this place I feel it, it touches a place deep with in. From the wind making the trees chatter to the sound of singing birds. Old mother earth connects with me.

Yet in other places I see beauty but it does not touch me like this place. To you you might or might not see the beauty in it, that my friends is freedom of mind.

May you all stay free.





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