What people can’t see. Happier new Year.

When I sit down at the computer to write something down, the one thing you can’t see is the trouble some people have when it comes spelling and communicating with the written word. To put this into perspective I have had to look up the spelling of five words so far. I am not doing this looking for kind words and sympathy, I learned to live with this for 50+ years. When I went to school if you had trouble spelling or reading you were classed has stupid or thick. This has nothing to do with intelligence, but due to embarrassment and years of being made to feel stupid it did hold me back. I was very quick when it came to working with numbers doing maths in my head and teachers asking to see the written solution, because they thought I cheated. Today young people get more help with problems, but I am sure a lot still hold back because of the stigma and teasing attached to not being able to spell or read to a level laid down by others.

A time came in life I decided to accept my way has me, life got easier. what others thought mattered not. It’s what I thought of me was the main thing, I have other great gifts to give through art, photography and my attempt at writing what I call verse. I don’t know the proper term for it. Poems, prose whatever.  When people start to accept people for being what they are and not putting labels on them. Putting them in pigeon holes higher or usually lower that where they see themselves. What I ask is in the coming new year ahead, look at the next person has a human being. A brother, sister regardless off looks or place. Dress or religion. Remember whatever label you put on any person, there is a fellow human. Accept them as they are and perhaps this earth where we live will be a nicer place.

Have a happier New Year



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