This Christmas thing.


365src11.12.2015yHere we are again on the Christmas spending merry-go-round. Just about got ready for Santa to arrive and the ads on television and radio are wanting you out spending before the turkey has had time to get digested. Plus the summer holidays are also being done, work hard and borrow to keep Mr Money in the fashion he wants. Yes dressed in your hard earned cash. On the subject of cash when was the last time you seen any, we are being trained like preforming puppies. To be weened off the stuff, keep it all by card or electronic transfer’s. You know it’s safer. That way they know where you are and what you spend your money on. When cash disappears you will told what you can and cannot buy. Bills will be payed straight out from your account and what ever is left after all deductions is your take home pay. Well Merry Christmas and Happy Spending.



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