Cyberspace bikers

Cyberspace bikers
Were would we be without that little box , yea the one with the keyboard thing.
We chat to folks faraway, sort road runs and campin’ things.
We can book tickets for ferries and shows, or order goods that come to the door.
Buy spares and new tyres, leathers and gloves. Even check out the local wh…. But we’ll not go there.
Show photos we took, review the odd book and have friends that we’ve never met.
Read what they have done five minutes ago, and five minutes ago before that.
We load up a map and plan up the route, download to a sat nav thing.
Its bolts to our bike, looks as nice has you like, but damn if I can follow the thing.
So I’ll stick to me map, my note book and pen. My voice if I even feel lost.
I’ll fire up the bike, ride has quick has I like. slowly I’ll have by choice.
I’ll leave it to those, with all the gadgets or toys. To travel at cyberspace speeds.
And I’ll camp in the wild, away from the noise. And a good book for my entertainment needs.
Eye of Seoirse


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