Summer days.

The tinkle of water settles lightly on the ears,

The smell of cut grass fill’s every breath

A Raven calls high in the hills,

Its harsh voice ruptures the still summer day.


Lying on a mattress of meadow grass,

Puff ball clouds take form in my imagination,

Faces, people shapes come and go.

To be replace with the new.


The warmth of mother earth on my back,

Insects and spiders explore this mountain of man.

Flies hover and land to feed on body salts,

I lay there in this film of life.


Shadow’s and light play tag on the hillsides.

To the music of a songbird choir.

My mind at peace,

In the lap of mother earth.


Drifting Clouds

Drifting clouds.

Small feet follow the secret paths,

Paths that lead to adventure’s,

played through the scrub and trees.

In the small glen where freedom was everywhere.

The secret tree hut, watch tower.

Shelter from the enemies that pursued me.

A place to see the wildlife

which the imagination transformed into monsters.

To lie in the fallen leaves and watch the clouds.

Faces and being’s formed in their shapes.

Drifting by where time mattered not.

A stick could be a magic wand.

Bird song a code only I could read,

Know which plants to eat.

Berries that were sweet.

Secrets I would keep.

The dead forest, the swamp land.

Newts and frogs lived there.

Witch’s, swamp monsters kept watch’

Not a place to linger.

To know where the Sparrow hawk nested,

sit beside the rabbit’s in the wild.

See the Hare’s play on the open hill.

Mice scurry around the dry stone wall.

Today I sit an older man’

Memories drift like clouds.

Wild berries in my hand.

Birds speak and I understand.

Eye of Seoirse.



A little raindrop fell.

A Little Raindrop Fell.

Like the early morning dew,

I sparkled into life.

A little raindrop fell. 

Jumping in the puddles after a summer shower,

air filled with laughter.

A little raindrop fell.

Racing like white water, drop from waterfalls,

Diving into life.

A little raindrop fell.

Stillness of the lake,

reflections mirrored there.

A little raindrop fell.

Waters get muddy,

sediments of life.

A little raindrop fell.

When I reach the ocean and the waters slow,

stop and rest a short while.

A little raindrop fell.

Time to join the ocean,

where life first grew.

A little raindrop fell.

Beautiful raindrops, people we knew,

keep their sun shining.

A little raindrop grew.

Eye of Seoirse.




When you a reach out in search of an angel,

A soul to share your words.

But only echo’s return from the empty walls,

In this cell we call life.

The world sees the designer book cover of our life,

but never reads the words written within.

Looks at the smile on our lips,

Misses the loneliness in our eyes.

Laugher on the outside,

Empty echo’s inside.





where is the door.

Eye of Seoirse

Am I gone

I love to read and think deeply about the meaning of things. I saw a man today who has failed badly in his health over the last few months. And it got me thinking, this man is a very religious person who believes he is going to a better place after death. So I’m thinking, if we continue to live after are bodies die. How do we know we are dead? Yea I know, strange person. But it’s from these I try and express my emotions or thoughts in verse/poems. So below is:

Am I gone.

I held my heart up to the light.

To see if it still loved.

All that was revelled.

Was none of the above.


I held my soul up to the light.

To see if it was bright.

But all that I could see.

It was dark like night.


I held a mirror to my breath.

To see it it was there.

The only thing to be seen.

Was no reflection there.


No love in my heart.

No light in my soul.

No reflection in the mirror.

I can no longer be there.


Seoirse 21/08/17

Colour will return


Sometimes on the journey in life a darkness can get a hold of us. No one knows when or how it will happen. Our minds pull all colour from life and leaves many sitting in darkness. For some it gets to much, life ends. Others hang in and you climb out from the dark towards the light. It can be slow and painful, colour starts to bleed into your life again. Fog turns to mist and then the sun burns that off. Welcome back mind.

Love to all being,

Eye of seoirse.